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Well hey! Welcome to Sandwich Sunday! I’m Chris, and I’ve just claimed this new, little corner of the interwebs. Hope you like what you see.

I’ve decided to start this little blog because I love food. All. Things. Food. Don’t get me wrong – I dig a good sandwich. My intention, however, is not for Sandwich Sunday to become – entirely – about all the things I can pile between two slices of rye. It will, though, be very much inspired by mustard, cheese, and beer – like most things in my life.

Some of the recipes here will be my own, some will be unabashedly stolen from elsewhere, but all should be – hopefully – delicious. And have no worries… there will be plenty of sandwiches ahead.

I hope you enjoy the words, photos, and food. And remember: this is all most likely just a dream anyway. So buy the good mustard, share the cheese, never sip the beer, and when in doubt… go for the sandwich.

Posted by Chris on 9/10/12 in Randomness

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