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So here’s the deal.

I’m a guy. I like food (and beer). You probably know a guy who likes food (and beer). You’re probably wondering what to get that guy who likes food (and beer) for Christmas (or other equivalent winter holiday). Perfect. I can help.

No recipe, today. Just stuff. Glorious, glutinous, stuff. Are there better things to spend your money on? Of course. Does that matter? Probably. But not today. Today is about gifts. Here are a few items I’ve noticed over the past year or so that would make great gifts to a food loving guy.

I hope this is helpful.

I make no promises.

Moleskine Recipe Journal- $20

Say it with me now, “Mole-uh-skee-nuh”. I love these little notebooks. And hey, they make a notebook specific to keeping track of and testing recipes. Who knew? Perfect for the cook-tinkerer in your life.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – $20

Best movie I saw in the past year. Most hungry I’ve left a movie theater in my entire life. This movie will make you want to hop a flight to Japan and drop $300 on a meal, which – I think – is quite a feat. Even if he or she has seen it, the sushi lover in your life will appreciate adding this one to the collection.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA – ~$8 (if memory serves)

Can a single, 12-ounce beer be considered a gift? If it happens to be nearly 18% ABV and tastes, ever-so-slightly, like golden heaven, it certainly can be. If you can track down this beer, buy it. I guarantee that if the beer-lover in your household hasn’t tried it, that once he does, he’ll think you’re some kind of beer prophet, revealing the hoppy truth that he’s been blind to his entire life.

The Boston Shaker Bartending Tools – $ various

Why is it so difficult to find simple, classic bartending tools? For a long time, I’d been on what seemed like an endless quest to find a classic American cocktail shaker. My search only ended when I came across Check them out. From classic cocktail glasses, to wooden muddlers, to American shakers – there is bound to be something that catches your eye. I especially like the Brushed Boston Shaker – $15.

Cuisinart Immersion Blender – $60

I have a kitchen filled with tools. I also have a garage filled with tools. This is the only tool that I own that could be stored in either place. A metal stick with a spinning razor blade at the end of it? Sweet. Kitchen power tools are great, especially when they can buzz down a tomato soup in a matter of seconds. This is one of those things that you’d never think to buy yourself, but once you own it, you wonder how you ever got along without it.

Ozark West Walnut Cutting Board – $200-300

Ok, now for a couple more extravagant items. The first is a cutting board. Down in Tucson, Arizona, a two-man wood-working shop produces some of the best cutting boards around. I was given one of these boards a few years ago as a gift, and it’s become easily my favorite kitchen-related possession. The shop creates custom boards for all the celebrity chefs out there, but for the rest of us, they also stock standard walnut and cherry boards. Totally worth the price tag.

Cut Brooklyn Chef’s Knife – $400-600

Finally, a damn-expensive knife. I know, I know. But look how friggin’ awesome it is! I wanted to keep this list semi-reasonable, but I just couldn’t create it without including at least one over-the-top item. These knives are handmade in Brooklyn, by one dude, in a single store/workshop. I mean, come on! The knives’ availability is pretty limited, so call to see what kind of inventory he has ready to ship. I will own one of these, some day.

So there you go. Have at it. And again, no promises! (He’ll love it!)

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