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Well let’s see…

The past few months have been busy. Very busy. There’s been an engagement, a new job, and everything in between. This year has been a little crazy, but exciting.

As a result, the Sandwich Sunday posts have taken a back seat – as you’ve probably noticed! And, unfortunately, I’ve decided that I’m (mostly) done taking photos of food. I know, I know… I barely got started on this thing! Oh well – things change.

Instead of continuing on here, I’ve started up a new blog on my personal website. I’m currently freelancing as a graphic/web designer, and this new space will center around the work that I do on a daily basis. It’ll also include side projects, weekend photos, and – yes – a recipe from time to time. If you’ve enjoyed Sandwich Sunday, then perhaps you’ll care to follow along:

It’s been fun around here – but it’s time to move on. Bigger and better things. See you on the other side.


Posted by Chris on 7/20/13 in Randomness

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